Touch The Beat (upcoming rhythm action) - Contest is On - Win $300 & more

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    1st $300 Gift Card!!
    2nd $100 Gift Cards (2 winners)
    AND $10 US iTunes Gift Cards (15 randomly selected winners)

    How to Win

    1. Create something that draws attention to the game.
    * The created content could be anything that draws attention to the game or the content itself
    that has been incorporated with the game information.
    (review, cartoon, fun parady video, and demo video are all acceptable!)

    2. Submit by Nov. 21.
    * TTB title logo must be included somewhere as a part of the creation.

    3. Send your creation or a link to the creation to
    Include the following information.
    First & last name, contact email, forum ID
    * Post a reply here to make sure your entry is in!

    Having numerous comments under your YouTube video will help you WIN!

    Winners Announcement

    3. Nov. 28, 2010

    Official Rules


    Need the Game Video Clip?
    If you need more materials or better understanding of the game to create
    your content, apply for a chance to receive a preview version.

    1. Send the following information to (by Nov. 15, 2010)
    First & last name, email, UDID, device type and firmware, website/ YouTube URL, reasons for previewing.
    2. Leave a reply below to make sure your application is received. [/CENTER]
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    Contest materials

    You can use these screenshots for your creation :)
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    Oct 27, 2010

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