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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by palmharbor, Jul 13, 2013.

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    I have a fourth gen (i think) touch that I never use. I am going on a trip to France and want to use it for email. I put in the password that I have for icloud and it rejects it. I have done it 8 times...rejected...reset the change. Then I plug it into iTunes select it go to info and select sync email starts coming in but I cannot send I get the same message about the F -_____password. It says turn off mail and I do then reboot.
    This is driving me crazy...maybe if we could use simple passwords for iCloud it would be easier. Any ideas?????????:confused:
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    Are you using a,, or email address? If not, then your iCloud password isn't likely to be your email password.

    If it is, go to
    Try to sign in with the Apple ID you use for iCloud.
    If you can sign in, great, you've confirmed that you know your Apple ID and password.
    If you can't sign in, confirm you have the right Apple ID. (maybe you have another Apple device or computer signed into iCloud - if so, access the iCloud settings for that item, and see what Apple ID is listed). If the Apple ID is correct, maybe it's time to reset your password.

    Yeah, allowing the passwords to be really simple, like "1234," is a great idea. iCloud backups, contacts, calendars, email, iTunes/App Store account, iMessages, Photo Stream, Game Center... Nothing to lose of any value.

    Would you leave the front door unlocked, just in case you lose your keys?
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    may be fixed

    I have a mobile me that is now iCloud that was a dot mac account. The password I am using for ipod touch is the same identical password that opens up mail on the website iCloud and the same password in accounts on Apple mail. Apple has strict requirement of what can and cannot be a password...nothing simple. I need a password I can remember as half the time mylastpass does not remember what it remembered the day before.
    Anyway, I may have solved it by plugging the touch into the USB and then
    using itunes to import everything from all my mail accounts on apple mail.

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