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    Frogdesign provides commentary on the interface of the iPad.

    Frogdesign was often consulted by Apple for the overall "look" of many product lines.
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    Interesting article, I think he is right and that the iPad will be repurposed for many other things that Apple never imagined. I know a number people want to use the ipad as a car dash/gps/computer system. I could easily see the iPad as a central control station for a media center. And I've already seen an app that makes the iPad a DJ turntable.

    That's the beauty of the simple nature of the iPad, its basically just a blank screen, and you can put whatever you want on that screen.
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    This is an interesting take, thanks for posting it. What he's hypothesizing is already happening though not in any 'hidden' manner. There are definitely home automation folks including iPTs in their set ups as part of a turnkey (yet customizable) package.

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