iPad TouchID for Passwords Only?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Lukeyy19, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Hi guys, after getting my iPad Air this is my first TouchID device, it is superbly useful as a replacement for passwords, on iTunes and the App Store for example, but I've never liked using a passcode to unlock my iPad, as I don't mind if someone else uses my iPad as it never leaves my house so it's just family and friends so now I have to unlock it before they can use it. And when I'm using it, it just adds an extra step of annoyance if I forget to unlock with the sensor and I swipe and it doesn't unlock before I touch my finger in the home button again.

    So I'd rather turn off TouchID and Passcode for unlocking but I can't figure a way to have no TouchID/Passcode on unlock while retaining the use of TouchID on iTunes and the App Store, it seems to be both or nothing.

    Is this not possible or am I missing something?
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    Turn TouchID on, then turn it off for unlock screen while leaving it on for App Store / Apple Pay. Then scroll down to the time option, and set the time until it requires your passcode to the maximum, which I believe is four hours.

    Not the ideal configuration, but it's good enough, I suppose.

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