Touchscreen Macs: Which App to use for Kiosk Functions?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by redAPPLE, Jul 21, 2006.

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    hi guys.

    the company i am working for is thinking of placing kiosks.

    we were thinking of using our old iMac G3s and eMacs. The iMac g4 and g5 would not really work, because touching them would probably make the screen move back.

    we have heard about troll touch. but sending our machines seems to be too much a hassle right now. do you know of any company that offers DIY touch-screens? maybe something we could apply ourselves?

    but my main question would be, if we go the touch troll way. which app could i use to convey information? i was thinking, that a browser could do the trick. could keynote work? maybe you guys have some experience or have seen something like this. i would love to know. thx.
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    when i think touchscreen and mac, i think

    but thats only a litle info since the maccar section is relatively new.

    but there are lots of touchscreens with drivers for mac.
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    Having done something similar for my dissertation, Director or Flash would be ideal. You could use a browser, but make sure you dont make the silly mistake of having hyperlinks. Use buttons only, as hyperlinks so not work very well when touched by a finger.

    PM if you want some more info as I've done lots of research on this.

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