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    I saw this somewhere floating around the net...and thought i would post it. I take no responsibility for the discovery of this feature/gesture:

    Have you ever tried to change the volume in the now playing screen on you're iPod Touch? And found that it usually takes two or three times to change it to a level u like?


    Place your finger on the slider. move Up towards the middle of the screen or somewhere in the cover art area and slide across slowly. its a quick gesture to help you change the volume easily.

    iPhone Dialer:

    I was playing around with 1.1.2 and found that pressing the home button twice while in the now playing screen, brings up the dialer, complete with Call Button. You can Dial but not call. in 1.1.3, Apple seems to have fixed this glitch.

    List View Shortcut:

    Sliding your finger from left to right over the cover art in Now Playing, takes you back to the list view. Yes it still works in 1.1.3.

    Is there any other cool gestures i missed?

    Please reply and share them....more cool tricks to show my mate with a (sighs) Zune (sighs)

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