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    Nov 20, 2011
    currently I have a 64GB Air 2 & 32GB mini 4, my husband uses my old 32GB Air 1.

    My adult son has an old kindle Fire but has asked for a larger tablet. He is an android guy but concedes that iPad is probably best!

    My problem? Usually I upgrade myself & then pass down my older devices. My husband uses his Air 1 every two weeks while I am at chemo. I use my Air 2 so much I am shocked the screen doesn't have holes in it. I would like a 10.5 inch Pro but that leaves me stuck, would my son consider my 64GB Air 2 with a new case & iTunes gift card an adequate Christmas gift or would I look cheap? And what to do with my husband who would naturally expect the Air 2 even though he uses the Air 1 very lightly?

    I can't buy all the iPads & having cancer I feel kind of selfish wanting the Pro, what should I do?
    Edited to add that my son would love a 64GB device & probably fill it, my husband basically uses his to watch Netflix, Facebook & check email.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    Do not worry about about looking cheap. An iPad Air 2 can still fetch a good amount of money. It is practically a 2017 9.7 iPad with a better screen. iOS11 runs perfectly fine on the Air 2. Your son should be happy you are giving him a new tablet, even if it is used, as a Xmas gift. As a person who knows what it is like to have a parent that had cancer, do not worry about what they think as your family loves you and will care for you unconditionally. In fact getting something that my sick parent had used would mean more to me than a new one. I hope your treatment works out. Get the Pro and enjoy it, there is no need to think about being selfish.
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    Nov 20, 2011
    I figured the screen on the Air 2 is better than the new iPad. This device is in pristine condition no scratches, dings or marks. Also will be adding a new case, ear buds & a $100 iTunes card so he can get apps! He loves games I think this will please him! Helping him get to know iOS will also be a joy , time spent with him is like a gift to me
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    Jul 7, 2008
    There’s nothing cheap about passing on an Air 2, especially with its screen. It is still an entirely usable and worthwhile machine in its own right; I dithered for a short while earlier this year between an Air 2 for the screen and the 2017 iPad for the CPU. Wound up with the 2017 but it was a very close call.

    Upgraded last night to the iPad Pro 10.5. I had been saving for a new iPhone but then figured that as nice as the 8 is, it wouldn’t do anything for me my 6s isn’t doing (music and audiobooks mainlyj. Even before the iOS 11 GM going on it, my iPad had all but replaced my aging 2011 MacBook Pro. With iOS 11? The iPad Pro & ios11 are just made for one another. The screen looks incredible with HDR films (tried with The Martian and Lego Batman Moviej. The kindle app looks fabulous! The stereo speakers are great with music, YouTube etc.

    If you can afford an iPad Pro, don’t hesitate. It’s quite the most beautiful iPad Apple have ever made, and every inch of it screams quality and attention to detail both physically and software/experience wise.
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    Having cancer sucks as it is. Right now, think of your needs and provide a little pleasure among that treatment you're going thru. I'm sure your family members will be happy with what you pass to them. Enjoy the new iPad Pro, they are wonderful and best of luck with your illness.

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