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    I have a Mac Pro tower I am looking to convert to a server, mostly for media. I plan to run it headless connected directly via ethernet. I can install Snow Leopard Server, but right now it just has SL. I want to access the drive outside of the network, so on vacation or at work. I'd love it to mount on the desktop much like iDisk did. Can this be done? I've heard just use FIle Sharing and connect to the IP. Second, if that works, can I just option-click iTunes when it is attached and read the iTunes folder from the server as if it was a local folder? Thanks!
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    You can use back to my mac a feture of iCloud if you install lion. it will allow you to gain access to the drive over your wan. I would not open the port and allow just anyone to connect via ip thats a big security risk. Also you don't need server version of the OS for this.

    As for iTunes you could hold option and access the iTunes library. however the speed over wan will probably be so slow that it's not worth it.
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    This is what a VPN is for.
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    Start the VPN service and then mount the share point over AFP.

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