Toxic Russian Mars probe to crash back to earth.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacNut, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Well, the wreckage will sink as will the cobalt-57, which certainly won't be the first space-intended radioactive material to end up at the bottom of the ocean warming a few fish. It's not well known, but the nuclear power plant that was intended to power the scientific experiments on the lunar surface for Apollo 13 ended up at the bottom of the pacific as well when the LM/lifeboat re-entered and burned up on (I believe) April 19th after "towing" the crippled CM with the crew all the way back from the moon.

    The Russians just don't seem to have any luck with Mars, do they?
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    Seriously - falls into the ocean. Not great news, but - worse things have happened. It would be better if we could stop dumping our space junk into the seas, though.

    But - we got lucky with the last two satellites - though I suppose it would be accurate to say "We didn't get unlucky" with them. The probabilities were that they would fall into the ocean, but that was just a probability. There was always the chance that those satellites, like this one, could fall across a land-mass.

    A Russian satellite smeared itself across the Canadian Arctic several decades ago - took several years to collect as much of the radioactive bits as could be found. Imagine if this satellite smeared itself across Europe, or Southern California, or....

    Could happen... lets hope not.

    Sleep tight....;)

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