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Mar 11, 2005
benthewraith said:
I typed mine in and it wasn't even close. I'd keep clicking submit and it'd just tell me random cities. Apparently my IP address switched from Solvang, CA to Yorkville, IL in 0.000537 seconds. :rolleyes:

The one I like the best is #3 on spicyapple's list.


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Nov 7, 2003
for help

man whois
man traceroute
man dig
However, these tools will just help they aren't going to actually tell you where the packet end up at, specifically. Your'll have figure that about by using the tools in combination. The tools available on website aren't always accurate which can be proven usually using these tools.

To be really accurate, your'll need to have a little bit of understanding of networking and how routers/switches and isp work. Apply that with a figuring out isp domain naming scheme which is usually by state and city geopgraphic locations and you can get really close usually within a city area.

One website I would recommend in finding the location is
the city by ip is pretty neat, but you can find the same stuff on your with the tools listed above.


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Sep 25, 2006
Simple easy way to trace people and IP without efforts !!

Simple easy way to trace people without efforts !!
You can use netstat -n while transferring the file or viewing the webcam of ur target
ideally you can use trace the IP of the person u r talking to on yahoo messenger by following steps.

1.) First Invite the person to a webcam or view his webcam. Transfer of any file thru messenger will also do.

2.) Then go to DOS prompt and type netstat-n and view the open ports and connections.

3.) Identify the one thats yahoo messenger is using (you'll need practise and your common sense for doing that)

4.) You'll get the IP in foreign address column

5.) Ethereal will also do BUT remember only when during webcam chat or file transfer because yahoo never connects peer to peer when chatting(all the text is relayed thru yahoo servers) but during webcam/file transfer it connects you peer to peer with that computer and you can trace your IP.

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