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    Aug 21, 2008
    This seems like the most appropriate forum for networking issues so correct me if I'm wrong: My mom lives in a far off land where they give here a measly 2 gigs of transfer per month for her DSL line. She has recently being going over her quota early in the month so we're trying to track down what is eating up all this valuable and expensive bandwidth.

    I highly doubt she has a Trojan as it's a mac and her router is locked down with a password. She is installed LittleSnitch and is writing down what programs send data out but using this program there is no way to track how much data is being sent out on a per application basis. It appears to be an interesting problem as some ports are shared by more than one application. I am suspecting .mac / idisk backup is the culprit and have looked at the logs for that and turned off the backup of big stuff like iPhoto and music.

    Any suggestions as to what app she can use to see how many Mb of transfer each application is using? (she has stats from the ISP as to the entire amount per day/time)

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