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    Hi everybody,

    There are still some promo codes available on promocode dispenser for [App]Fuel Log Evo[/App]

    [App]Fuel Log Evo[/App] allows the user to conveniently track, save, and graph vehicle fuel usage and expenses. Supporting both imperial and metric systems of measure, it instantly provides: date of fill-up, odometer reading, units of fuel, fuel cost/unit, total cost for fill-up, and distance/unit of fuel. With three or more entries, the user may graph and calculate fuel efficiency over any chosen period of time.

    [App]Fuel Log Evo[/App] 3.4.3 has been rewritten to accommodate future updates. In particular, the app now supports more than one language. The current release supports English and German, and the next releases will support Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Also new is a user feedback feature.

    If you view this post with a computer that does not have iTunes then use this link:

    The free version ([app]Fuel Log 3[/app]) will continue to be available. A recent update Fuel Log 3 is fixing a display problem that surfaced while working on the Portuguese translation.

    There are several enhancements planned for Fuel Log Evo in the coming releases. Please see the list of features on the Fuel Log Page.

    If you have feedback, questions or comments please let me know.

    - Olaf
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