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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by karohan, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. karohan macrumors 6502

    Jun 25, 2010
    Is there a way to track the location of my (Verizon) iPhone? I know the Find My iPhone site can do it, but is there any other way? Can I look up my location through the Verizon Wireless website or can I track it through another smartphone on my family plan? I heard it was possible somewhere but I'm not sure what exactly what I heard was referring to.
  2. karohan thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 25, 2010
    Yeah, I know of that already. But I have heard of a way that involves using other smartphones on your Verizon plan to track other smartphones (including the iPhone). I'm sorry that I can't be more specific but I heard this in passing and I can't remember the particular details, but I guess my friend was just talking about Find My iPhone.
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    Apr 16, 2008
    At the iPhone hacks section.
    You can use any phone with a browser, laptop or any computer connected on the internet to track it.
    You just go to and log in using your appleID and password and locate the idevices registered to your account. You can even set a passcode, or remote wipe everything on the phone.
    There is some programs that carriers offer but not sure how reliable they are and they charge you a fee per month to have that on your account. For further details on those contact your carrier.
  4. ssampath macrumors member

    Sep 7, 2010
    You can try Google latitude. It is an app that uploads the position of the phone to google and you can access the history. I found it was draining the battery too much and am not using it anymore.
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    Jun 25, 2010
    Yeah, as I had mentioned a few times before, I already know about the Mobile Me service.

    I was more curious about carrier offered services that didn't require a fee, but I guess they don't exist and I heard wrong. No worries.
  6. PNutts macrumors 601


    Jul 24, 2008
    Pacific Northwest, US
    The only one I'm aware of is AT&T but it isn't free, so that doesn't answer your question twice. :)

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