Track Pad and Caps Lock Issue


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Sep 24, 2012
Just got a macbook air 2012
First time using a mac! :D
but i got this issue... my trackpad
Its much harder to click the trackpad near the top compared to the bottom. The bottom clicks fairly easily... but the top (side closer to the keyboard) is much harder to click... is that normal?

also my caps lock isn't very responsive... like sometimes i click it but it doesnt activate... is that normal as well? or should i take this back to apple?



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Jun 10, 2012
Your trackpad sounds normal. You are supposed to click it at the bottom.

The caps lock issue sounds off though. Are you sure you're pressing it completely?


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Feb 17, 2012
Everythings normal.
Trackpad is supposed to be click easier in the bottom and also the caps lock button is slowed on purpose. This way you wont activate caps lock by accident while typing.

Peter Harrison

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Dec 24, 2009
Ugh, do people not turn clicking off? I hate the sound and the fact that it's another moving part. If you go into settings you can change the trackpad so that you just tap rather than click the whole thing down. This means you can tap anywhere, not just near the bottom. You can still click if you need to, sometimes it's useful for dragging, though a double-tap then drag can also do the same thing in certain situations.

I don't get why it isn't default. Everytime I use somebody else's Apple laptop I'm always surprised they still use click rather than tap. Easier on your fingers!


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My caps lock on my '11 13" air has the same issue - sometimes I need to focus on selecting it to get it to lock. I would suggest you take it back and get a new one, if it bothers you. For me, it's an annoyance, if that, so I just live with it. It's not like my typing perfect key strokes is life or death.

And as others have noted, just try to un-learn how you live with the trackpad. If you can figure out the multi-touch tricks, you'll work much faster than the old-school clicking. I'm constantly trying to teach my wife this - but she is so old school she prefers to use a mouse, even with her mbp (which drives me insane).