Tracking Down Spammers

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by alset, Mar 19, 2003.

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    #2 -- edit wrong address first time. :(

    ... and also looking at the spamcop news server may give you some help, as someome may know some direct info.

    Spamcop is one of many self-proclaimed spam fighting sites, and looking looking at the abuse databases will eventually lead you to a bunch of them.


    If they are a major known spammer somebody at one of the spam fighting sites will know where the idiots are... they seem to enjoy causing the big spammers as much grief as possible.
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    In your head.
    Why would you want his email address?
    Vigilantism is never a good thing and I am not inciting somebody to act.

    Getting his email address is pretty pointless, and the odds are that you have one of his email addresses sitting in your in box right now.

    A DOS, denial of service, attack would be pretty effective. If you could track down his phone number, it wouldn’t take much to get people to call him, or to automate large telephone systems to automatically “dial” his phone number with unused resources. A batch file uploaded to the phone server would probably work or a little modification of the page-forward function.

    The same can be done to his server or his service provider. Imagine what would happen if everybody responded to the adds, again and again. A person or a group of people could completely stifle the “useful” traffic though the targeted sites. This would ether cost him more money, shut him down, or at least cause him some annoyance. I figure that somebody could script or code something that could be uploaded to some unused, internet connected, computers that would then set to request information repeatedly.

    If you had his address you could start subscribing him to every catalog out there.

    Heck, lets spam the spamers. ;) Just kidding.

    It would be artful if somebody managed to get his email address and managed to get personal information. “You could win X”, just give us your name and phone number. It would be apropos if somebody could devise an artful and effective rouse. Post his personal information, credit information, leave it for fraud and identity theft.

    But then again, all of that would put us at their level.

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