Tracking My iPhone Location from my PC

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by preguntonontrac, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Hello, currently my house phone is not working after the lines were affected by heavy rain on the mountains. All my family including my 3 kids are using my phone to make calls... My neighbor borrows it some times too. In these last 2 weeks the phone is no where to be found and i am suspecting someone is taking it outside the house when it should stay at home. I need an app that i can install on my phone and can help me track my phone from my home pc or track it on my wife's iphone too...
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    find my iphone app and over your account.
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    find my iPhone is built into your iPhone. Do you know if you are signed in to an iCloud account on it? if so you can go to and login with the account. Then go to find my iPhone and you can locate, send a message, erase, or send a ping noise to the phone. If you aren't signed in yet, once you find the phone go to settings->iCloud then scroll down to find my iPhone and turn it on.

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