Trackpad AND External mouse not working... HELP!

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    So I was surfing the web, and my computer started acting weird, I was clicking on links and stuff on websites, sometimes they weren't working, and sometimes they popped up a little grey box like the one in the screenshot (ignore the Ani Defranco it was for a friend :)). I restarted and couldn't even click my username on the log-in screen to log-in. I figured maybe a key was stuck, I've hit every key on my keyboard and no luck. I tried an external mouse, and keyboard and still nothing. I have got the mouse to work a few times, but I'm not sure how, and it doesn't stay working. Here is the screenshot, any clue what you would have to press to make that pop-up when you click a link, as that might give me a clue?

    I shared my screen through my aunts computer and I can control my computer fine through that.

    EDIT: I just opened the Laptop back up and it was stuck on a selection box on my desktop, almost like the trackpad button was stuck. That might be the problem. I managed to open system prefs to try to disable the trackpad when I connect the external incase it it interfering, but I cant figure out how to select the option with just my keyboard, and for some reason I can get it to share my screen anymore...

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