Trackpad and HDD issues 2009 13" MBP


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Jun 15, 2010
Firstsly I'd like to say that I'm new to Mac, but after hearing so much great things from my friend i decided to buy one back in december 09. Everything was great the first couple of months. Now, not so much.

First problem: My Fuijutsu HDD sounds like a windows box on steroids. It reminds me of my last PC (a Fuijutsu-Simens btw) that crashed in the end. It sounds like it's constantly writing to the disk and I'm really afraid it will crash soon. Also it makes everything lag a bit here and there. And it takes me 5 mins to start the box now, feels like my old PC....

Second problem: My trackpad is unresponsive at times. Can't touch to click or drag or even sometimes just move the cursor around. Sometimes if i press for click it unfreezes but most of the time I need to put the machine to sleep or restard to get it back in action. Happens at random times, haven't found any common circumstance yet. (Doesn't work at the moment...). And it seams to be software related since my keyboard works fine and it works fine, sometimes, until it freezes and unfreezes and whatnot

Third problem: Probably related to the first. The machine crashes. Freezes up totally and is unsresponive. Must to a hard reboot.

Solutions tried: Called Apple support (mainly about the trackpad issue) and got the standard RMC / Flash memory resets. Didn't help, at all.

Have done permissions check and fixing in the disk utility, seamed to help with pr1 first, but not anymore.

What the **** should I do?

Fuhatesu crap disk?

Thankfull for any comments on this. Let's see if I can get my cursor to the submit button now..... Oh, it dissapeard now, that's new...


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Jun 24, 2010
Have you tried a fresh install of OSX to see if the problems are still there? Backing up your data and reinstalling OSX is likely the quickest way to determine if it's hardware or software that is causing you issues.


Jun 8, 2010
United Kingdom
A dying hard drive could cause every issue you've described.

If you haven't already, back up anything you care about.
Concur. Sounds like the HDD is about to die. Of course, new ones can be had for cheap at You might be a happy camper and forget all your woes once a new HDD or even SSD is installed.