Trackpad/Cursor going berzerk on Mid 2009 13" MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MikoB, Jul 13, 2011.

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    The cursor on my MBP has been going berzerk for the past 2 days now. I've had it since August 2009 and slowly over the years the trackpad hasn't been registering motions for physical clicks, about 30% of the time. This isn't the main issue though. Two nights ago, I fell asleep and left the computer on all night. (I cant remember what the settings were for the energy saver but I think the magsafe had disconnected and I had to push the power button to get the MBP back and running.) The display came on and I noticed that 11 windows had been created and a bunch of items were highlighted. I pressed escape to unhighlight/deselect the items and I tried to move all the newly created folders to the trash. This is when I started to notice that the cursor would jump all over the place, the right-click window would materialize, items (text, apps, files, etc.) would be highlighted, some of the items would open up, the page would zoom in our out, the function to switch between open apps/programs would come on; sometimes even when I wasn't touching the trackpad, keyboard, or the MBP for that matter. Even as I've been typing this post, the cursor has jumped to previous lines. Heck, even the webpage has gone back to previous pages without any initiation from me.

    I've restarted it, checked the trackpad settings, reset the PRAM, checked the magsafe adapter (used MBP w/ it and w/out it), turned wifi off to see if someone hacked into my MBP and is trying to pry around, and even bought a mouse to use because the trackpad was driving me nuts. The mouse works fine but the cursor still jumps around, items get selected, the rick-click menu opens up, and the display zooms in and out, etc.

    Does anyone know what this could be? I've read on some posts that the battery could be an issue. For about a month my fan wasn't working and so I used an external fan to cool the bottom off while I fixed the problem. But for the most part I use my MBP on my bed or lap. Rarely do I use it on a desk. If I put it on my lap I put something between it and my lap. Could battery heat be the issue?
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    I have an early 2008 MBA (not MBP) and the trackpad goes beserk sometimes too. However, if I simply sleep the machine and wake it again things settle down for quite a while. Not sure if that will help you...
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    I've actually tried that and it doesn't work. Thanks anyways. I decided not to use the MBP for a day and let it cool off. I think it's a heat issue. Previously I tried restarting it. I also tried shutting it down and then starting it up again shortly after and it still gave me problems. Right now it seems to work just fine. The only thing I did was let the MBP cool down for at least 24 hours and now it works fine. I read on another post/forum somewhere about people having problems because their battery would expand or bulge from heat expansion. I wonder if that's what happened here. Prior to this happening I streamed video for the past 4 days with only the MBP going to sleep instead of a complete shutdown in the last week. I hope that's all the issue is.

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