Trackpad Lagging on MacBook 2015

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ghsNick, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. ghsNick, Jan 9, 2016
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    Hey Everyone -

    I wanted too ask if anyone notices a slight delay/lag when using their MacBook trackpad?

    I was helping my dad use his MacBook Air and set it up for him. Now that I'm back on my MacBook the trackpad feels like it's lagging a bit compared to his Air and the scrolling does too.

    Just wanted to see if anyone's heard of this or if there's a fix?

    I've been reading on forums that it could be due to the Retina Display and image processing. I've read that it doesn't occur on the Airs because they have a regular screen...check this post and thread out. Let me know if I'm going crazy or if this is an issue!

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    May 24, 2013
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    May 25, 2010
    My issue seems to be with the graphics (I believe). With non-retina displays there's less processing that occurs = no lag.

    With Retina displays the cursor does what I tell it to do...but it seems (VERY SLIGHTLY) delayed...and I think it's because the Retina Display. Maybe it has something to do with the screen "catching up" to what my finger is actually doing because the extra processing?

    Not the biggest deal (haven't noticed for the 2 weeks I've owned mine)...but after using my father's Air for while and going back to mine I could notice.
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    WHen I would use SwitchResX I would get this a little but not with any of the preset resolutions

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