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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by spoa94, Aug 29, 2016.

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    Is it possible to trade in an old iPhone 6 to get the store credit and apply it to the Upgrade program? Anyone who has tried this? I probably am going to want to start the upgrade program and get the iPhone 7 but I need to decide how I will get rid of my current 6. Either trade in to apple or sell on eBay.
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    Why would you want to apply it towards the upgrade program? Say you get $240 for your iPhone 6 and it reduces your monthly payments by 10 dollars a month. Then after 12 months you decide to upgrade to the next phone. That means you would have lost $120 of your original trade in because you didn't get the $10 a month for the full 24 months.

    Last time I checked, when trading in you can get an Apple giftcard. If you are trading in and starting the iPhone upgrade program, they give you a credit to your credit card of the value of trade in. Kind of like a return.

    "Can I trade in my current device?
    Yes. If you sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Program in an Apple Store, the trade-in credit will be applied to your credit card. If you sign up online, you will receive a gift card after a short time."
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