iPhone 11 Pro Trade in iPhone with Next Balance?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Surfer13134, Sep 11, 2019.

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    So my buddy just asked a good question that I need help answering. He has an iPhone XS max on ATT NEXT and still has a few payments left on it, he was thinking of trading in his iPhone XS to Apple to get the iPhone 11 and just continue to making payments on his XS max on his ATT bill. I know other trade ins places like swappa require the device to be paid off completely before you can trade in but I've looked on Apple site and read the FAQ and couldn't find anything about trading in a device that still on a payment plan. Does Apple allow this or will he have to pay off his iPhone on ATT next first?
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    He would have to pay it off. The phone is locked to his ATT account until it is paid off or trade in to ATT. Only makes sense if the trade value is greater than the payoff and he wants to switch to the IUP program or something.


    XS Max 256 is ~$52 on next and if he got launch day with no extra payments he has a balance of ~$640. Apple is offering $600 trade for the phone so it makes no sense to trade in.

    He could payoff and keep phone and hopefully sell for more after the flood of XS phones hit the resell market but its a risk and with things like eBay fees he may or may not profit.

    Apple preorders work really well with Next. When you use the app it gives you the option and automatically does everything else. Super easy

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