Trading down from 2014 rMBP 15" to 2017 rMB 12"


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Jul 5, 2017
How much do you think that this would be worth to a seller or to trade-in at an Apple Store?

2014 retina MBP
2.5 GHz Core i7
512 GB SSD
Iris Pro graphics + nVidia GeForce GT 750M

absolutely mint with only 8 battery cycles

I have a new job that requires me to travel much more and it legitimately hurts my back to lug this big laptop around with me everywhere I go. I'm just your average business user, not a creative type at all. I bought it for its bigger screen and to occasionally play games (Rocket League, FIFA).

But now I need a smaller Mac laptop.

Has anyone else here traded down from the big Pro laptops?

English is not my mother language, so please forgive any typing errors.

Trey M

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Jul 25, 2011
Definitely would advise against trading into an Apple Store since they'll only give you a portion of what it's truly worth on the open market. A rough estimate in US dollars for what I think you could get would be $1200-1300.

I would really advise you to get the 13 inch Pro over the rMB if you're looking to shave some weight. I have a rMB myself, it's a great device, but I wouldn't recommend it as a daily driver. One port has its limitations-- in order to charge and have a USB device plugged-in, you have to use a dongle or do one activity at a time. This can get a bit old.

The new 13 inch Pros are also very similar in terms of size and weight to the Macbook Air, considered the de facto standard (originator) for a truly portable laptop. I don't think the weight/size savings you'll recognize on the rMB are worth all the tradeoffs you're giving up by not choosing the 13-inch Pro, but of course that's juts my opinion!


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Dec 20, 2016
You will get four times more on Craigslist than an Apple Trade in. Don't waste your money like that. You will be able to get 1100+ for that unit on craigslist and higher on eBay.


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Jan 23, 2017
Are you in the US? I ask because of how much pricing can differ outside of the States.

I have that exact computer and I tried a MacBook for a little while. The MacBook is a work of art, and I think it is a great system for lighter usage. However, it did not meet my needs at all, where as the base MacBook Pro 13 without the touchbar meets most needs (my 15-inch is still my main workstation as some of the tasks I do benefit greatly from the more capable 15.) Further, in the US the nTB MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pricing are similar, although the nTB isn't terribly larger and yet it is much, much more capable, IMO.

I would not trade the 2014 in at an Apple Store because IMO it is worth MORE than a new MacBook. In the US this model sells in the refurbished store for around $2,000, and even at that price it is a great deal. While you wouldn't be able to get that much, you could probably get pretty close for something in like-new condition. If you have AppleCare on it, or it is still eligible for AppleCare, this only further increases the value.

I would recommend purchasing either a new or a refurbished MacBook from Apple directly, so you have the 14-day return policy. If you find the MacBook does not meet your needs, you can return it for either a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 nTB, or a 2015/2017 MacBook Air. These are also outstanding systems.