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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by fromalk, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    about a year and a half ago I bought my girlfriend a macbook, from the moment i set it up for her I wanted a mac myselves so this summer I bought a 24' Imac with some options on it at the local retailer and I love it, it's the best. However there is a small problem, I'm always moving from one place to another and I rarely spend time at home (just to sleep) and therefor I don't have any time with my iMac anymore (when I purchased it I had plenty of time).

    So I spend about 7/8 hours a day on my hp notebook - works great - but I'm really sick of windows. So I would like to have a macbook pro, however the problem is that as a student I don't have much money available that is why I'm looking for someone to trade my 24' Imac for his/her macbook pro.

    My Imac is the latest generation, 2.4 Ghz core 2 duo with 2 gb ram.
    The macbook pro has to be a core 2 duo with some warranty left on it.

    Another possibility is that I try to import a new mbp or buy one if one of you guys is selling. With the low value of the dollar vs our euro that should make it a bit cheaper.

    So if anyone is interested in trading / exporting - selling please let me know

    Regards Stijn
    Sorry for my bad English
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    They don't have enough posts to do so, you have to have 100 posts minimum.
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    It seems I looked over the market place part when posting this. I'm ot yet a regular here so sorry for the trouble. However I'm posting some reply's in the marketplace section but am eager to receive some advice.

    The only problem is that us notebooks have qwerty in stead of azerty (belgium)

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