Trading in against MBA, what if I return it?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Darkashnet, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Not sure if this is the right forum, if not please move it! I can't find any info on this on Apple's site, either.

    I'm thinking of getting the new MacBook Air, and trading in my iPad 10.5 against it. I think I may need 16GB RAM, but going to try out the 8GB first, and then return after using it for a week or two and order the 16GB online (as you can't do upgrades in store).

    What happens when I go to return it as they have given me credit for the iPad 10.5? Do they just refund the full value of the MBA?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. DeltaMac macrumors G3


    Jul 30, 2003
    I expect that if you return the MBAir, you would get a refund of whatever you paid, plus the amount that was applied to the purchase for the value of the tradein, whatever that might be.

    (You might ask that question at the time of your purchase, I'm sure the shop will know the answer!)
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    Why don't you sell your iPad by yourself? Yeah, it can be a bit painful depending on the person who's buying it, but you'll get more cash. Otherwise, when you trade your iPad via Apple Store, I think -I'm not sure- they will give you an Apple Store retail gift card with the amount of credits (money) you exchanged your device for. So, if you pay, say, 250$ with an Apple Store gift card, and 1350$ in cash, for a 1600$ worth MacBook Air, if you return it, you'll get the 1350$ in cash and 250$ in the Apple Store gift card. Just remember to keep the same card you had, because it is easier for the Apple employees to transfer the money back to its original Apple Store gift card. They technically speaking, are able to expend a second Apple Store gift card with the same amount of money (250$ in this case), but it is quicker to do it with the original card, and you will have less chances of having a minor dispute with an Apple Store employee saying you want a second Apple Store gift card because you lost the original one. It shouldn't happen, but it happened to me.

    TL;DR: You'll get the refund on the same payment method you used at the purchased, for each quantity. If you pay a third with cash, a third with a credit card, and a third with a gift card (like the one they will give you by trading your device), you'll get the refund of each quantity in the same payment method.
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    I know I can sell it elsewhere, but Apple isn't offering that much less, plus I get the credit there and then instead of the hassle of sending it off. But after thinking about it, you could be right. Get a refund on what I've paid and the iPad value back as a gift card I imagine, yes.
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    Why go through that hassle, you’ll have more use for the 16 GB RAM in the long run.
    How long are you planning to have the computer? More then 3-4 yrs, it’s a no brainer to pick the 16.

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