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    so i'm looking to trade in my iphone 4 for a 4s. i'm concerned with how the trade-in process works for things like gazelle or nextworth. so you get a quote... what's next? do you ship it to them and then wait for the money; so then i won't be having a phone for about a week?

    i'm considering that i'd rather go to a local Bestbuy or my carrier's store to trade it in (if what i said above is the case), but am i able to swap a 4 for a 4S in-store right away? my carrier is AT&T and i currently have a black 16GB.
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    I have used Gazelle a few times.

    You go to their site and sign up then describe your item and they offer XX price. If you accept that they will email you a prepaid label to use with your own box, or if you prefer they will mail you a box with a prepaid label.

    Then you ship the package off. When they receive it, they open and inspect. If the condition matches what you described they mail you a check or Paypal you the money. You will get an email when they receive the package and another when they have sent your payment.

    My experience has been it take 3-4 days for them to get the package, and about 2-3 days after that get my Paypal payment.

    So yes, you will be without a phone a few days if you go this route.

    You can make more money on eBay or Craigslist, but with more risk/hassle IMO. I have been happy with my Gazelle transactions.

    A friend did in store iPhone trade in at a Verizon store, and as I recall it was not horrible amount less that Gazelle was offering.

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