Traffic Conditions No Longer Working?

Dino F

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Sep 16, 2010
Croydon, South London, UK
I have a weird glitch (well, it’s more so a feature that doesn’t seem to be working anymore actually) with my Series 0 Apple Watch.

On my iPhone 8 Plus last year, and every iPhone I have had with my Series 0, whenever I have gotten into my car in the morning to drive to work/home, my iPhone would connect via Bluetooth to my car audio system (not CarPlay) and I would get a notification on my watch which said something like, “10 minutes to work, traffic is light”.

However, ever since upgrading to the iPhone XS, these notifications have stopped? I set up my XS by restoring from my 8 Plus back up, so that basically, my XS matched everything I had on my 8 Plus.

Can’t understand why I am now not getting these traffic notifications anymore because nothing has changed other the new phone obviously…..?! Could it be something to do with iOS12 and Series 0 Apple Watch (I am upgrading to the S4 Watch soon)?


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Jun 13, 2008
Little Rock, AR
I have the same problem & had the same problem last year when I got the S3. This was before I got the X so it's not the phone. I don't remember what fixed the issue - it did start working again not long after. It was in the WatchOS 4 Beta - All the Little Things thread. I'm hoping that just like last year, it will suddenly start working again this year.
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