Training my iPhone 4S battery.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by PantalonesSucia, Oct 17, 2011.

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    So I'm one of the people that have a rapidly discharging battery under normal usage. My standby seems fine, but my battery when web browsing, using instagram, texting drops quickly.

    So I've been trying to train my battery. Charge overnight to 100% and let it go until it's dead or 1%. And repeat.

    How long or how many cycles do you think it'll take to establish my maximum battery capacity? Forgive me. I've never trained a battery before.

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    Typically you should cycle the battery completely at least once per month to maintain calibration.

    EDIT: to quote the last section at that second URL:

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    1% isn't good enough, it needs to completely die and then be 100% charged.. For whatever reason they really seem to be 'hiding' a LOT of charge on 1%. I've been doing screen at max brightness, streaming pandora over 3G, while having maps with GPS continuously on for the last 45 minutes straight on 1% charge.

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