Transcoding using custom resolution & Batch share/transcode by chapter markers

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    I shared/transcoded and noticed all the various settings. Problem is my original video is 1024x768 and that resolution isn't anywhere in FCP. The closest was 960 so the final output video is not only downsized to 960 but I get black bars on the sides. How do you transcode using custom resolution settings? Also can't FCP automatically detect the original resolution of 1024 and export using the automatic detected resolution?

    Also I have created a 20 chapter tutorial video but it is currently only a single video file since it was created in iShowU / ScreenFlow etc. My goal is to simply import that clip, set 20 chapter markers (with custom chapter names) and have FCP batch export/transcode each chapter so I end up with a folder of 20 chapters/video files. What's the best way to do this? I have tried creating compound clips which at least makes it easier for me to organise things but ultimately I'd rather just do what I described above.

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    use a custom compressor setting for this - fcpx (i guess you're using this version) is not very versatile when it comes to creating projects in non-standard video resolutions.

    pick a higher resolution (than your source video) for your project, import your video into this, make sure it is not stretched (under "spatial conform" in the "video" tab of each clip select "none") and then go into compressor and create a custom setting that crops your video back to the original 1024x768 / 4:3 video. then use "add destination" in the "share" menu of fcpX to add your custom compressor settings to fcpx.

    no ideas about the chapter-markers though.

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