Transfer contacts from old Nokia to iPhone via Mac and iTunes - success

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  1. dinosauradam macrumors newbie

    Jan 7, 2010
    Okay, I hope this helps at least one or two people. It took me 3 1/2 hours to work out how to transfer all the contacts (232 of them) from my old Nokia Mobile Phone to my new iPhone via my Mac and synching through iTunes.

    Step 1: Download PhoneDirector application (currently v.1.4 at time of this post) - - don't run the application yet.
    Step 2: Connect your Nokia handset to your Mac via Bluetooth and browse the phone device from your Mac (if unsure how to do this see tutorial here: ).
    Step 3: Go to your Mac System Preference, Click the Bluetooth icon, make sure 'On' and 'Discoverable' are checked, select the device from the list displayed, click the little cog icon at the bottom left of the window (next to + -), select 'Edit Serial Ports...'. One of the connections shown will be the connection to your phone. Make sure the protocol is 'RS-232', the Service is 'Nokia PC Suite', and 'Require pairing for security' is checked. Click 'Apply'.
    Step 4: Run PhoneDirector, go to Preference under 'PhoneDirector' at top left menu. In the popup window that appears go Connection > Serial Port: and select the serial port from the dropdown list that you altered in Step 3. (After this step your Bluetooth connection might show a popup window that its connection has changed. Okay this to re-establish the connection to the phone with your new serial port settings).
    Step 5: From PhoneDirector go Phone > Connect (or Command + K). Your phone should now be connected to your Mac.
    Step 6: From PhoneDirector click the 'Phonebook' icon. The application will connect to your phonebook on your phone. (This may take up to a minute depending on the number of contacts you have in your phone.) All your contacts will then appear in a window in alphabetical order.
    Step 7: Go File > Export > VCards... You will presented with a panel to match all the available fields - leave this as is and save all the contacts to your Mac in a location you will remember (Desktop maybe).
    Step 8: Open the application 'Address Book' located in your Applications folder. Go File > Import > VCards... Locate the file exported from PhoneDirector in Step 7 and click 'Open'. Finally, the contacts are manageable on your Mac!!! but we're not finished yet.
    Step 9: Plug in your iPhone using the USB connector. Make sure iTunes now automatically opens (or is already open). Your iPhone will now display as a device in the iTune left panel. Go Devices > iPhone > Info > Contacts. Select 'Sync all Address Book contacts' and make sure the radio button 'All contacts' is selected. Press 'Sync'. Wait for synching...
    Step 10: View your iPhone 'Contacts' - Volia! All your contacts should now be neatly displayed and accessible in your iPhone.

    Remember, you also have all your contacts in your 'Address Book' application which can now be synched and updated as your contacts on your iPhone grow.

    Hope this helps some people as I found all web-based info very confusing and not directly helpful for a Macster.
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    3 1/2 hours?
    You could have manually typed them in less time than that :D
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    If the Nokia saves contacts on the sim card, you could have just clicked import contacts from the iPhone.
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    This is awesome. Next time I need to transfer my contacts I am definitely doing this.
  5. Louise85 macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2009
    I know it's kinda late commenting on this, but my google search brought me here... :D

    I've done what you've instructed, but step 3 is where the trouble is. Under system preferences, I don't seem to have a "Nokia PC suite" option. I do, however, have a "Nokia OBEX PC suites services". I thought that was probably the same thing, so I went ahead and chose that one.
    But now I'm stuck at step 5 - the PhoneDirector not wanting to connect, complaining that I need to set it to "Nokia PC suite"...

    Any idea why this is? I have a Nokia N95 8GB, if that helps? :eek:

    Thank you!
    - Louise
  6. Louise85 macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2009
    Huh... Maybe it's simply just that my phone isn't supported... :eek: Oops... :rolleyes:

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