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Oct 21, 2012
Hi All,

I have a dilemma and I was wondering if anybody could make a suggestion of something I could do to solve it.

I work in an office which does have WiFi but the network department does not allow staff to use if for 'security reasons' and it is only used to connect the desktop computers around the office to the internet. I have an iPad mini which I am starting to use so I can carry files around the building with me (because I sometimes have to work at a desk which does't happen to be near any computers). However, because I cannot use the internet on it, I cannot transfer files when I am at work so I have to email them to myself so I can pick them on on my iPad when I am at home.

To add to this, the computers have restrictions in place to stop the installation of software (so I can't install iTunes either). Is it possible to transfer files just using the lightening to USB cable without having iTunes installed? Or can anybody suggest anything which might help?

Thanks for your time!


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Apr 6, 2013
North Carolina
Well, I'm not sure that I completely understand your situation nor the restrictions set up by your IT department. So far, you work on a computer and want to transfer those files onto your iPad - correct? Please provide some more information, e.g. type of computer(s), i.e. PCs or Macs (or both) and what type of files are you needing to transfer (docs, spreadsheets, and/or others)?

Unfortunately, the 'cloud' would be your best bet but again from your description, the computers can use the internet via Wi-Fi but you are not allowed to use the wireless option on your iPad - correct? One way that I 'transfer' files from my MacBook Pro to my iPad is through Dropbox but requires the program to be installed on the computer & the iPad, plus a Wi-Fi network - assume not a choice in your situation?

Now, there are some external 'wireless' HDs that might be a consideration, but not sure if that would be permitted? The cabled connection from your computer to your 'stock' iPad will not work (jailbroken one - probably also not allowed). Are your fellow employees in the same situation - I'm assuming that this iPad is provided to you as part of your job? Have you checked w/ your IT people and explained the situation - might not help but just saying - good luck! :)


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Oct 24, 2012
What kind of files are you emailing yourself?

Instead of emailing the files, maybe upload them to Google Drive. That way you can access them fr your iPad when you're at home.


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Aug 4, 2016
You may come up first to fix this problem with iTunes, but iTunes may not a good choice for transferring files from computer to iPad. So I suggest you to use a third party tool to move files. Just download and install the software, connect your iPad to PC. Then choose files you like to move and follow the guide asked. With it, you can add music/PDF books and import contacts from computer to iPad within several steps.
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Nov 6, 2011
Highlands Ranch, CO
You didn't say whether you are using Macs or PC's at work and whether or not the restriction regarding WiFi was only in regards to the companies WiFi or connecting to any source for WiFi.

The reason I mention this is that AirDrop can be used on a Mac to drop a file into your iPad. I have done this to transfer photos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDF files, GPX files, etc.

Both devices do have to be connected to WiFi and while I have always just connected both devices to my network, I just experimented with turning on my iPhones Personal Hotspot and connecting my iPad to this. I was still able to transfer some test files via AirDrop.

But, if for security reasons, you cannot connect to any source of WiFi at all, it still doesn't help you much.
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