transfer film to DV - original in PAL - need NTSC

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by coreydeep, May 7, 2007.

  1. coreydeep macrumors newbie

    May 2, 2007

    I have an international company transferring a feature film to DV.
    I will be editing the film ( adding title sequence) and authoring a consumer ready dvd of the film.

    My earlier trials and tribulations can be browsed here:

    I am worried that the output will be insufficient quality and/or in PAL.
    Originally the production company supplied me with a DVD copy of the film, in PAL ...It was not sufficient quality..and it was IN PAL I have requested a new copy of the film. The production company has agreed to transfer the film to DV. I do not understand PAL too well. Can the film be transfered to NTSC ? or was it shot with PAL ( 25fps) ? What can I do to fix this, ideally from the source ( i.e. the production company who shot the film )

    Also, do I have to worry about the production co. encoding the film on DVD ?
    What format should I expect and/or ask for ?

    Am I stuck with PAL ? We are in North America, and the film is to be screened etc... Do I need to request a profesisonal PAL conversion ?

    The distribution ocmpany is requesting the transfer to DV, I need to let him know asap if there are opptions we can request and/or issues to avoid.


    ~ Corey
  2. lostless macrumors 6502

    Oct 22, 2005
    Im back. Yes you can convert PAL to NTSC DV, but with a resolution and minor color fedelity loss. And even posibly a fluidity problem or how smooth the video looks in motion. NTSC has less vertical lines and is less saturated. A program to use is called JES Deinterlacer. It has a standard conversion which works quite well. It takes the fields in PAL and makes new frames based off those feilds to NTSC. The new problem I see with you, based off your old post, is that you want to get rid of interlacing, which will not happen in a standard coneversion. Infact, it will add more. NTSC film is converted using 3:2 pulldown. 3 frames will be full frames, and 2 will be interlaced. in that rythem. As far as you other post. PAL DVDs will most likly not play in NTSC dvd players unless that player has PAL to NTSC converters. The xbox 360 is only one of 2 players that do that. Convert to NTSC using JES deinterlacer, and leave it interlaced. As i said, hi def TVS/Projectors/ ect all deinterlace a signal if it is interlaced. Feel free to ask more if you need help.
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    Aug 12, 2002

    I read your first thread about this and you mentioned big plans for the festival circuit, screenings for professionals, etc. You obviously want great quality if you are going to screen it for the industry because there is a ton of competition out there.

    What is the original format the film was shot on? What did they, the production company, master the film to?

    If there is a film print, you can just have them telecine into 29.97 NTSC DVCAM. If it is HD you could just have them send over a DVCProHD tape or a HDCAM copy and have an NTSC DVCAM downconvert made here in the US to capture and cut with.

    The worst way to do this is to rip a DVD because you are already subject to the Mpeg2 compression. The average DVD uses roughly 5-7.5 Mbps, by comparison, DV NTSC is 3.6 MBps or 28.8 Mbps. At worst DV is 3 times better quality at best it is nearly 6 times more information.

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