Transfer from old mac to new mac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Shacklebolt, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Sep 2, 2004
    okay, this is going to be moderately detailed, and if anyone can help me out i would be most appreciative.

    Today I get, from UPS, my brand spankin' new 1.67/15"/1gb/100gb/128vram AlBook. It's replacing my 400mhz/128mb/20gb/16vram first generation sawtooth.

    I have, at my disposal, a 20gb ipod. The hard drive on my Sawtooth is about 19.14 gigs, and it's 500mb short of capacity. My iTunes library is ~9.5 gigs. my iPod has 6.3 gigs of space left on it. And, to top it all off, my Sawtooth is unbelievably disorganized, with files spread across different folders for OSes 10.2 and 9.2. How do people suggest I best get all my stuff from my sawtooth (which has firewire) to my new AlBook (gotta come up with a name for it) with the given equipment I have? My Sawtooth doesn't have enough room for me to consolidate the iTunes library, and the music is decidedly not all in the same folder - do I have to round all that stuff up manually?

    All in all, does anyone have some advice on how to best do this?
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    Apr 3, 2004
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    I'm not sure if this'll work but give it a try anyway, it won't do any harm. For the music, open iTunes, open the disk image of your iPod (which should probably be cleared of music, you can put it on later when you sync it with the new laptop), drag the songs from iTunes onto the iPod. The biggest problem with this is that iTunes limits the volume you can drag at any one time. Also, it simply wont copy songs that have the same file name (usually just the song name if you get iTunes to organise your music but that might not be the case for you since iTunes leaves your music alone). It doesn't give you a warning or anything, it wont overwrite the file that's already in there, but it just wont copy across.

    On the other hand, maybe just do a search for music files in the Finder and drag them across from there.
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    How about a network copy over CAT5? that is how I transfer files from my G3 to my G5.

    Your computers can also have a Master > slave relationship as far as disks go.There are directions on how to make your Sawtooth into a Firewire drive for your Powerbook. It is called Firewire Disk mode..
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    Mar 11, 2005
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    You can use IP over FireWire

    Go to:
    System Preferences -> Network -> Show Network Port Configurations -> New-> Name it, and select "Built in Firewire"

    Then check the little box to turn the port on, and drag it to the top of the list, so that it'll connect before ethernet.

    Do that on both computers, fire up personal filesharing on both, and connect.

    Alternatively, you can boot on of the machines as a target disk, i'd suggest the powermac. Turn the PM off and connect the two computers with a firewire cable. Boot the PM and hold the "T" key until you get a little firewire logo on the screen. The PM should then show up as an external drive on the PB. Drag and drop away.

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