Transfer iPhone back up from iTunes to iCloud?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by tradeworthyinc, Jul 31, 2014.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Thank you for trying to help. Many others have asked this question, and many of the answers were about not needing to do this, rather than how to do it. There are many scenarios that may necessitate this. In our case, my daughter's iPhone screen has failed, and the phone seems to be malfunctioning in other ways that we can't decipher because of the screen failure.

    She had backed up to iTunes on our iMac at home. She desperately needs to access a Numbers document she created and maintained on her iphone. She can't wait for Assurian (Verizon insurance) to send her a new phone overnight. She can't wait for the next available Genius Bar appointment. She can't wait for the next available repair appointment at our local independent mac repair shop. A relative in another state has a spare iPhone she could backup from our icloud account, and then she could email the numbers document back to us.

    We've tried to restore from the backup file. We've tried to reset the iPhone. We've done all the standard stuff.

    So, having established there is indeed a good reason to want to do this, does anyone know how to transfer a backup from iTunes to iCloud without involving the iPhone???

    For those of you who favor Apple Care over Assurian and wish to offer advice on that, feel free, but Assurian covers loss, though with high deductible and recurring costs. Apple Care covers damage with a one time payment. I despise Assurian, because they make it so tedious to use, but loss coverage is compelling. For those wishing to make a point that I chose Assurian even though I don't know how to spell it, again, if listening to that is what it takes to get your help, bring it on.

    If you have other comments you feel are essential to air, again, bring it on. I'm more than willing to weed through any and all unsolicited advice to get to the solicited part.

    If you really do have a completely different approach to solving this problem, and it works, you're truly the most amazing of all helpers!

    Thank you!
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    What about uploading the backup from iTunes to your relative who can then restore their iPhone with it and do what you suggested. Also If the document was in numbers, have you tried to open it via

    BTW the backup folder is located in C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\xxxxxxxxx. (In Windows, not sure on a MAC). The xxxxxxxx will be a long numeric folder for each device with all the backup files in there.

    Pretty sure there is no way to actually transfer the iTunes backup to iCloud.
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    Transfer iPhone back up from iTunes to iCloud?

    Thank you!

    Finding the backup file on my iMac and sending that would be a great solution. I don't know how to find it, though. Does anyone know where iPhone backup files reside on a Mac with Mountain Lion?
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    Forget sending it to relatives, any one with an iphone just can restore from your daughters backup via iTunes, then shift all the contacts and backup to the cloud, and then ur daughter can just see her contacts anywhere.. And the person can restore back from his own backup
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    No need to go all that trouble ... use the following app on the mac -

    It will list the backups available...use the relevant one and extract/copy out stuff that is needed...

    (I dont think this works if the backup was encrypted with password in iTunes though)

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