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    Jun 27, 2013
    Hi. I have just bought a new iMac and I want to sync my iPhone to it and transfer all my photos, videos, contacts etc, no music. At the moment I have it synced to my Mac Pro running snow leopard and the new iMac is running mountain lion. I have a time machine back up. Is it a case of just finding the iTunes back up file and copying it to the new computer?
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    Sometimes, we can transfer files from iPhone to computer via iCloud if you have the computer iCloud. Take photos as an example. To transfer photos from iPhone to computer, you can follow steps below:
    1. Make sure that your iPhone is connecting with Wi-Fi.
    2. Go to setting>iCloud>photos> Backup. And all photos is backup to iCloud. Of course you are required to log in your Apple account.
    3.Log in Apple account again on your computer iCloud, and you can sync photos from the backup files.
    Also you can transfer videos,contacts,songs and so on via the same method.

    you can read the article from Apple
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    Set up your new computer with your time machine backup. Then connect your phone. It should sync as usual. The link posted won't work for you as you haven't synced with the new machine yet.

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