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  1. DSpiridonov macrumors newbie

    Aug 25, 2012
    Hey guys,

    I am having an issue with my iphone and i have no idea how to transfer my old notes to icloud, even after looking at many other topics. Basically i use the notes app on my iphone and never really used icloud to sync my notes, so they were always stored on my phone. Since i upgraded my Mac to Mountain lion, i received the Mac notes app which can sync your notes through icloud, so i decided to turn my icloud on my phone to sync notes as well. However, the issue is that none of the old notes were synced to icloud, but only the newest created notes are synced onto icloud. Whenever i open the notes app i have two accounts, one saying "on my phone" the other saying "icloud" < which i received once i enabled notes syncing to icloud. Any idea how i can transfer all the notes from "on my phone" to "icloud"?¤t=d5c47167.jpg &evt=user_media_share

    Many thanks,
  2. Z400Racer37 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 7, 2011
    bump for this question, im having the same problem, and im sure others are as wel.... anyone know how to do it?
  3. kalakov macrumors member

    Apr 4, 2011
    having the same problem. someone suggesting doing it manually. but I have a lot of notes :(
  4. krravi macrumors 65816

    Nov 30, 2010
    Just wondering if you connect your iOS device to iTunes physically and under "info" sync "notes" to the local machine first. That way your machine and your iOS device notes are the same.

    Then, sync your machine and the iCloud. That way will all the notes end up in the iCloud?

    Just wondering. Have to try that tonight, because I am in the same situation.
  5. HadItWithWindow macrumors regular

    Dec 1, 2008
    Let me get this straight. I believed all my notes went to the cloud but that was a mistake.

    When I look at notes on my iPhone5 (which are gone because they didn't float up) i now see iCloud Account for Notes. I don't recall seeing that on my old iPhone4.

    If I put notes today into the Cloud account does this mean they are finally secure and I won't lose everything once again?
  6. krravi macrumors 65816

    Nov 30, 2010
    Cloud is not about being secure, but rather having everything in a central location from where it propagates to all the devices its hooked to.

    If you delete a note in your device then it will be deleted in the cloud as well.
  7. HadItWithWindow macrumors regular

    Dec 1, 2008
    Poor choice of words on my part. I didn't mean secure I meant stored.

    Right now my iCloud history shows the following:

    Phone backup 9/11/2012 507.5 MB
    Phone backup 9/26/2012 54.8 MB (New iPhone5)

    iPad backup 9/20/2012 126.9 MB
    iPad backup 9/21/2012 58.4 MB (New iPad)

    Am I correct in assuming the iPhone backup from the iCloud dated 9/11/2012 can be restored to my iPhone5 and I will have all my notes, contacts, music, etc that were in the older iPhone?
  8. Weaselboy Moderator


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    Jan 23, 2005
    Yes... once you replace say an iPhone 4 with an iPhone 5 and the 5 has been backed up to iCloud, you can go in there and delete the iPhone 4 backup to free up space.
  9. Otterblue macrumors member

    Feb 16, 2012
    From Apple's website: "You can sync with the Notes app using IMAP or iCloud. Syncing Notes using iTunes is no longer supported on OS X v10.8 and later."


    I guess I'll have to hand copy each note...
  10. krravi macrumors 65816

    Nov 30, 2010
    Sorry I forgot to update. Yes I figured that out the hard way and I finally did copy and paste one by one...
  11. cimonc macrumors newbie


    Dec 9, 2009
    On my iPhone notes

    I am having the same problem
  12. Babka1 macrumors newbie

    Jan 8, 2013
    You can't sync Notes from your i-Device to iCloud. Ever.

    I just spent 25 minutes with Apple tech support. Boy was the guy friendly. But useless. I was finding answers more quickly online than he was by putting me on hold and asking somebody on staff.

    Bottom line is this:
    If you created a Note on your iDevice before you activated iCloud or before you synced Notes with iCloud, there is no way to automatically sync them. They are stuck on your iDevice.

    I'd put the whole NOTES FIASCO up there with MAPS FIASCO, except it's way lower profile and doesn't get press. This is a bug. Apple has no answer. Let's hope they are going to provide a PATCH for this bug.

    The ONLY WAY to get those older notes to sync are to manually COPY the content of each and every one, then create a NEW NOTE, then PASTE the content into the new note, then delete the old one if you like. But I wouldn't delete the old ones till you're sure the new copied-pasted ones are synced.

    IMAP isn't a solution. And it's pretty obvious that Apple is taking a first subtle step at trying to lock down the whole thing and get everyone into an iCloud subscription. Hey, why not cancel your Dropbox account? They wouldn't let Apple buy them out.

    For Windows users, there's an app called CopyTrans that works around a bunch of iTunes dependent syncing, but really nothing for Mac users.

    Bad Apple.

    Hopefully there's an empty chair with some former Apple development manager-who-dropped-the-ball waiting for a solutions provider to enter and give their customers what they need. There have to be millions of frustrated Notes users.
  13. fredrikmotin macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2013
  14. mklefty81 macrumors newbie

    Oct 4, 2009
    I found the answer!!

    Hey! I was just looked for an answer here but ended up figuring it out, it's really quite simple. (Assuming your issue is the same as mine) If you have Mountain Lion, open the notes app, click the little icon on the bottom of the side panel to make another side panel open. That will show the All Notes Accounts. You'll see an iCloud one and your email address on the other one. Just click on that one, all your notes from your iPhone(that are not saved with iCloud) will be there. Then just CNTRL A to highlight all of the notes, and drag it to the iCloud account on the side bar.
  15. PReinie macrumors newbie

    Jan 21, 2012
    Northbrook IL
    Copying 1 by 1 is the way

    I have a Lion system, but not the email set up, so copying one note and pasting into a new note is the best way (for me).

    However, because I'm an engineer I have optimized this manual procedure.

    For each note you haven't already synched from your idevice (mine is an iPod Touch)...

    Go to the last note. (Pick the last one on the iDevice because then they appear, once synched, to match the order on the iDevice.) Select-all (the text) and Cut the text, then Done. (If you Cut you won't have to delete the original note.)

    Hit the + to add a new note to the iDevice, Paste, then Done.

    Within seconds (bearing wifi connectivity speed) it appears (appeared) on my Mt. Lion MacBook's Notes app.

    This is up to you, but in Mt. Lion Notes, go to the top and confirm it's what you just added. AND REMEMBER IT.

    Then on the iDevice, pick all Notes and go to that entry and open the next one below it, and repeat. (Another way is to remember the first one you synched and go to the one below it.)

    The new note goes to the top so it's pushing the older apps down. Kinda FIFO assuming `in' is on top and `out' is on the bottom.

    The only problem I've found is that you lose the original date. (If it's there, I haven't found where.)
  16. Daviddia, Nov 21, 2013
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    Daviddia macrumors newbie

    Nov 21, 2013
    If you didn't set up iCloud Notes sync before creating your first notes on our iPhone - these notes will remain on your iPhone - however, you could transfer them to your Gmail from where you can copy-paste into text files on our PC.

    You can also try other methods to export iPhone notes to your icloud.
  17. Jbene4 macrumors newbie


    Mar 22, 2011
    Pacific Northwest USA
    Thanks MK

    Thanks MKLefty - this worked for me and saved me bu**loads of time copying all of my notes!

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