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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by note235, Dec 20, 2010.

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    I deleted reformattted my harddrive and did a brand new install of windows7 but I forgot to backup the itunes folder.
    All the music that I have is on my phone and it is jailbroken.
    I was wondering what software can transfer the music from my phone to my pc and the playlist?
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    I'd say that Google is your friend on this one. There are several utilities out there that will copy music off of an iPod or iPhone back to a computer, but I don't know which of those projects are actively being kept up, and which aren't. Additionally, it used to be pretty easy to find a freeware or fully functional shareware version of something like you're looking for, now all I'm seeing is very limited demos with a full version that'll cost you about $25 or so. Granted $25 is a small price to pay to get your entire music collection back. This is why I keep my collection on hard drives in 2 separate computers, as well as a backup, AND have my entire collection on an iPod Classic, that I could use one of these solutions for. Good luck.
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    Could these recommended programs also copy music off of other iPhones (friends) and enable me to add them to my library?
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    The site say's it's not compatible with iPhones.

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