Transfer Music via Wireless network?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by iRachel, Jun 26, 2005.

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    First off, let me apologize if this is covered in another thread - I didn't find one though (admittedly, I didn't try a lot of different search terms). I just got an iBook (my first mac!), and I'd like to copy the iTunes library I have on my PC to my iBook. However, I really don't want to burn everything to CDs, because my library is kind of big. I do have a wireless network set up - is there a way to transfer files over the network? (I've never done this before, so if it is possible, and you could provide directions, that would be great). Note: I don't have an airport - just a linksys router.

    And now, for an off-topic question in my own thread: I've noticed that there are a lot of trial versions of various programs on my new machine, and they hog a lot of hard drive space. How do I get rid of them properly (I'm scared to delete stuff until I learn OSX better...) Also, how do I dump fonts I'm never going to use?
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    The simplest way - assuming you have enough room on your iBook - is to just copy the files directly to the iBook, then as a separate step import them into iTunes.

    You can do the first part of this a couple ways:

    1) Set up your Windows machine to share your Music folder, and then connect to it using Finder -> Connect to Server. I've had some trouble, though, getting this to work consistently with Windows XP.

    2) (My preferred method) Start the SSH server (server programs are referred to as "daemons" on Unix systems) on your iBook by Going to Preferences -> Sharing -> putting a checkmark beside "Remote Login". Then download and install WinSCP on your Windows machine - this will let you use a graphical drag-and-drop interface to move files over to your Mac (or, for that matter, onto any other machine running an SSH daemon).

    Note that if you install Bonjour for Windows, it makes it easier to talk between your computers because you can just connect to Mybook.local (replace "Mybook" with whatever you named your iBook) rather than have to look up the IP numbers.

    Once you've got your music files on your iBook, just start up iTunes - then drag the whole folder onto the main iTunes window. Either that or let iTunes do the search and find your music (if you've never run iTunes before). Either way once iTunes is done, you can drag that folder into the trash since the files will have been copied into the iTunes library.

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