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    I'm planning on buying a new iPad and want to give my current one to my brother. He has no Apple account, no iTunes account or even an email address (hard to believe - earlier, I gave him a 2007 Macbook). How do I set up the current iPad in his own name with his own email address and Apple account? (I don't want him stumbling onto my email messages). Is this a simple matter or do I have to take it to the Apple Store and the Genius Bar and have them set it up?
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    Just restore the iPad. You do this by either connecting it to iTunes and hitting the "restore" button, or on the iPad, go into Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

    This installs the latest avaiable iOS version on the iPad, and otherwise puts it in a state as if it just came from the factory. When the restore process is complete, the iPad will boot to the "setup" screen, and while going through the setup process, you can set up an iCloud account for your brother which will serve as his email address and Apple/iTunes ID.
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    How old is your brother. Assuming he's at least 13 or whatever the required age is for an Apple ID it's easy.

    1. Buy the iPad you want
    2. Back up your old iPad either to iCloud or iTunes on a computer. If you haven't had any weird issues like apps crashing all the time iTunes is the fastest. Also transfer your purchases to the computer to make reinstalling faster.
    3. Restore that backup to the new iPad. Sync apps etc.
    4. Thoroughly verify that everything is on the new one.
    5. Connect the old one to the computer and restore it. This wipes everything of yours off it and returns it to fresh out of the box status
    6. Disconnect it from computer and have your brother set it up as new. When it gets to the Apple Id sign in there will be a choice for create new. Have him do that with it making a free iCloud account. Make sure he writes down his security answers exactly as he entered them in case he needs them.
    7. Go to iTunes and have him download an app to trigger setting up his id for the stores. iBooks is not a bad choice so then he can get the free iPad user guide. Or if he doesn't why to put a CC, download any free app not made by Apple and it will ask only for his billing address.


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