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Apr 22, 2011
I have a few ebooks in pdf format that were NOT purchased from Amazon. Is there any way that I can transfer these ebooks in pdf format to the kindle ipad app?


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Feb 10, 2012
Email them to yourself and pick Open in... and select Kindle. Or use any other method (dropbox, etc) that lets you choose to open in another app. You could probably even use something like iExplorer (Mac or Windows) to open the Kindle directory under Apps. I'm not sure which directory it would be and I can't check right now, but I would guess the Documents folder (or a subdirectory in Documents).


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Mar 14, 2012
In itunes, under Apps tab:

At the bottom there are apps that use File Sharing. Just drag the PDF there to copy it. Pretty easy.


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Mar 17, 2007
In itunes, under Apps tab:

At the bottom there are apps that use File Sharing. Just drag the PDF there to copy it. Pretty easy.
You are a lifesaver. I had a very large pdf that absolutely would not open in ibooks. Even dropbox wouldn't work because it was saying it was going to take 2+hours to upload it from my computer.

However, by adding it this way to the kindle app, I can now access it like normal!

Thanks again!


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Aug 12, 2013
PDF files on Ipad using kindle or iBook

The process is fairly simple.

1-Email the PDF file to yourself.
2-Click on the link to open it.
3-It will be open in your browser.
4-There will be two buttons:
-Open in iBook
-Open in other : Here you can choose Kindle or any other PDF readers.
5-Your pdf file will be open in your reader app.

I hope this helps someone. :)


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Feb 9, 2013
Mainland Britain
Simple alternative

Plug your Kindle into your Mac.
It appears as a Hard Drive on your Desk-top.
Open it and drag 'n drop the .pdf file into the Documents folder.

Always worked on the Original Kindle for me, and still works on the new one I have.

Reads best if the Original .pdf file's pages/text are sized suitable for the Kindle Screen.

For example Page 88mm by 119mm; Margins about 4mm; and 12 point font gives 21 lines on a page, which is easy reading size for my elderly eyes.

I hope this is useful.


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Jan 5, 2004
PDF in Kindle app doesn't permit highlighting nor commenting

I just added a PDF to the kindle app on iPad, as I got stuck in iBooks due to the terribly missing function of highlighting text and adding notes on a PDF in iBooks. I am so disappointed that the Kindle app doesn't allow these functionalities either on PDF, whereas on .mobi it does an excellent job. Would anyone know of a (free) PDF reader on iPad which allows these? I have Blue fire reader and Stanza installed, but both no luck with PDF either.
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