Transfer rate iMac (late2013) to TimeCapsule A1470

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    Jul 25, 2014
    Hi there,

    hopefully somebody with a similar configuration can give me some information.

    I'm asking because i'm not sure if it's a failure or just normal.

    - 27" iMac (late 2013 with SSD)
    - AirPort TimeCapsule Model A1470 (802.11ac) with a 2TB Drive
    - Distance between iMac and TC about 10 feet - clear range - so best requirements (imho)

    I only get these speeds while copying a file (1-6GB) from iMac directly (peer 2 peer without any switches) to the TC

    Transfer by WLAN (PHY-Modus: 802.11ac)
    Write: 28.1 MB/s
    Read: 27.1 MB/s


    Transfer by LAN (1GBIT Connection)
    Write: 42.7 MB/s
    Read: 53.0 MB/s


    Both seems to me very slow.
    But maybe i forgot some key information about transfers.

    Here's my thought (sorry for this bad english - but it's not my native language)

    1) 802.11ac means transfer rates (theoretically) of 1300Mbit/s.
    Because of bidirectional it's the half. So 650Mbit/s - deducting the protocol information (about 10%-20%) there must be a regular speed about 520Mbit/s --> 65MB/s
    As i said - i get a WLAN-Speed of max. 28MB/s - lack of 37MB/s or more than 50% :eek:

    2) As you can see, the transfer rate connected by gigabit cable is also slow about 40-50MB/s - but here is 1Gbit/s (128MB/s) a real speed - not just theoretically as WLAN
    So i got a lack of about 50-70MB/s :eek:
    I had a QNAP since 2012 - and the transfer rate from the same iMac trough a HP ProCurve Switch to the QNAP was always about 110MB/s (just the standard of gigabit connection!)

    3) I read the specification of SATA2 - where the HDD of the TC is connected. SATA2 is about 3Gbit/s (384MB/s). So the SATA2 couldn't be the bottleneck. (imho)

    4) i found a test of the (allegedly) attached HDD in the TC. It's a Seagate Barracuda ST2000 which never got less transfer rates than 90MB/s

    Now my questions - according to the numbering above

    1) Do you got the same worse WLAN transfer speed about 28MB/s?
    2) Do you got the same worse LAN transfer speed using gigabit cable about 50MB/s? Why is the transfer rate so less? (compared to my QNAP transfer rate)
    3) Does a hard disc change improve the transfer speed - or is 50MB/s "normal" speed?
    4) Is it normal that the HDD got a transfer rate of 90MB/s and above when it's internal connected to a PC and such a transfer loss of nearly 50% when its attached to a TC?
    5) Is there any possibility to read out the disk information used in my TC. Hopefully theres a tool - i don't want to screw up the TC - it got still guarantee.

    Thanks in advance for any information - and again - sorry for bad english. :)
  2. ColdCase, Jan 5, 2015
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    I get about 20 MBps from my 2014 rMBP to a current generation TC. Just saying what you are seeing wirelessly seems to be in the same ball park. I see ~25 MBps to a NAS. I see about 52 MBps to a mini server. Both the NAS and Mini are connected via ethernet to the TC and then wireless to the rMBP. I'm seeing near 1GBps internally.

    The TC is not that fast as far as its local storage goes, If I recall correctly, the internal TC drive is a decent performing unit. USB drives hanging off the TC are much slower.
  3. Maddeen thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 25, 2014
    Thank you for your feedback.

    let see was other users reply.

    i'm very disappointed if the hdd @TC is such a lamer :(

    Why they offer a 802.11ac standard which offers 65MB/s rate and a gigabit connection which offers about 120MB/s BUT integrate a hdd which only got about 50MB/s ?!?!

    Thats ridiculous non-sense

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