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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vjaaan, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Since video is not transferred through Photo Stream, I need to manually copy all my videos from my iPhone 4S to my MacBook Pro (to them copy to my external HD for storage), but in Finder I cannot find my iPhone listed when connect via USB.

    I don't want it all uploaded to iPhoto because it is too hard to find the original files on the computer to move them.

    How can I get these videos copied where I want them?

    Thanks for any help.


    When I go into iTunes, it just shows all my music stuff. It does not show a list of my photos or videos on my iPhone. I'm not seeing a way to use iTunes to transfer those videos to my computer, to a folder of my choice.

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    iPhoto is actually the easiest way. Once you import them onto iPhoto right click the video in your library and click "View original file" (or maybe it says "View in Finder") You can then move it to your external hard drive.
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    That's not how the phone functions, it won't show up in finder and you can't transfer off of the device when connected through iTunes. Luckily, there's a super simple, built in functionality!

    Connect the phone to your MBP. Open "Image Capture" (located in Applications, or just spotlight search for it) When you ope in, you will see your phone as the device, and will list all photos/videos on there. Simply select what you want to transfer and where you want to transfer it to and hit export. Done and Done.
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    Image Capture!! Of course! Now I remember doing that in the past.

    Thank you so much!
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    No prob, happy to help.
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    there are some very good third party solutions...or of course dropbox would work as well...
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    Plug in phone, go to DCIM folder, drag to where you want to save. Done.
  8. LuisaMoritz, Sep 12, 2015
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    1. Connect your iOS device to your computer. If the AutoPlay window appears, click "Import Pictures and Videos using Windows," then skip to step 4. If the "Import Pictures and Video" dialog appears, skip to step 4. If the AutoPlay dialog doesn't appear, you might need to check your settings.
    2. Choose Start > Computer.
    3. Right-click the logo for your device and click "Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer"
    4. Click Import Settings.
    5. Click the Browse button by the "Import to" field and choose where to import your Camera Roll's photos. By default, these will import to the My Pictures folder.
    6. Select "Always erase from device after copying."
    If you delete photos after you import them, you can reduce the size of your Camera Roll and improve backup and restore times.
    If you want to import the photos to additional computers, don't select this option.
    If you don't want Windows to delete photos from your camera on subsequent imports, remember to come back here and deselect this option when you're finished.
    7. After setting your import options, click OK to dismiss the window.
    8. Choose a tag, if desired, and click Import. This screen appears only while the import process is active.
    9. After the import is complete, Windows Photo Gallery will show your photos and videos in Recently Imported.
    If some of your photos didn't import from your device's Camera Roll, you can copy the photos to your computer using Windows Explorer or import the photos using software such as Windows Live Photo Gallery or Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 or later.
    Or you may simply follow the guide
    How to Transfer iPhone Video to MacBook Computer

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