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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by joshcamp, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Apr 2, 2009
    i just bought a new 320 gig hard-drive for my Macbook pro and bought my wife a macbook. i cloned my HD and then put the new HD in my computer and it works great! i then thought it would be cool to install the old 150 gig hard-drive with all of my files and software from my pro into her Macbook. when i boot up it starts, but after the initial blue screen the screen turns black and has a bunch or code flash on the screen for about 30 sec and then it starts up and works fine. it also goes to this same black screen when shutting down. it works fine, but i would like to get ride of the black screen on start up. my best guess as to why it goes black on start up is because it is displayed on a smaller screen as my pro is the 15" and her Macbook is 13". if anyone has any recommendations i would appreciate it. Thanks
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    Mine did that too when I moved my hard drive from my white macbook to my aluminum macbook. But it is recommended to do an archive and install or like I did, is I made a time machine backup, and then reinstalled the operating system, and restored from the back up. Then no more black screen! Easy. :)
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    That will not work if they are different timeframes. If the MBP is not a Uni it will not work. The 2 systems use different chipsets for their logi boards. Just boot the Macbook with the load it came with and use the migration wizard to move the accounts and applications across.

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