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    Aug 25, 2008
    I have about 900 songs on my Iphone and on my desktop computer in Itunes. I would like to move all of these songs on to my laptop. I thought that if I plugged my Iphone into the laptop, it would sync up to my itunes there and i could save my music there. The only thing i can do is sync my Itunes (on the laptop which only has a few songs) with my iphone- which i definitely don't want to do because than i would lose my 900 songs. Anyone know how to do this?
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    Jul 23, 2007
    The easiest way would be to hook your dektop up to your laptop over wifi (or better yet, an ethernet cable) and just move you entire music folder to the laptop (replacing the existing music folder). The music folder is located in the HARD DRIVE> YOUR USER> MUSIC. After this, when you open iTunes they should all appear. I'm not sure if your iPhone setting will tranfer, but they very well could if your move the entire folder. Prior to the transfer, be sure to choose "consolidate library" from the "advanced" menu to make sure all your music files are properly organized within the iTunes music folder.

    If you want to preserve the few songs that are already on your laptop, I'd recommend creating a folder on your desktop, opening itnues, selecting the entire library of songs (on laptop) and putting into the folder on the desktop. After this, you can replace the laptop's music folder as explained above. After your desktop's music shows up in your laptop's iTunes, just drag the laptop's original songs directly back into the iTunes library (no need to put them in the music folder, Itunes will do this automatically).

    If there are any duplicates after you've done all this, there is an option in iTunes under the "Advanced" menu that will "show duplicates" and you should be able to clean up from there.

    Sound complicated, but its really quire simple. Won't take over 45 minutes.

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