Transferring Apple Watch from old iPhone to new iPhone


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Jan 7, 2012
Just in case anyone might be interested: since my iPhone 11 Pro started acting weird (battery suddenly dying on me, despite being almost fully charged; circuit breaker in the basement triggering, when plugging the iPhone in), I got me a new one.
I was a bit hesitant, setting it up, when it arrived. I was especially worried that I might lose all my health activity data and my achievements.

Fortunately, transferring the Apple Watch from one iPhone to the other, including all my data, was actually smoother than I had ever expected.
I was setting up my new iPhone via data transfer from my old iPhone. During the setup process, it asked me, whether I wanted to use my Apple Watch with the new phone.
During the setup process, it simply disconnected the watch from the old phone and resynced it with the new one. I was good to go within a few minutes with no data loss.

One curiosity: my limited edition achievement awards at first did not appear within the activity app, even though they were still present on my Apple Watch. Furthermore, iCloud was active, but not completely synced.
The iPhone asked me to complete the registration of Apple Pay for two credit cards, I had also used on my old iPhone.
Once that was done, iCloud was suddenly synched and the Limitid Edition awards had also appeard.

Very strange bug. Nevertheless, all went well and I am now on my new iPhone.
Transferring the Apple Watch from one iPhone to another is really no big business.


Jul 25, 2007
The last two times I tried this it didn’t work. I had to manually go in and tell it to re-pair. No big deal, but a bit annoying.
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