Transferring data between MS Outlook & iCal


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Nov 3, 2007
Hi all,
I'm new to Mac :D, having spent only two evenings with my new Mini so far, and am in the process of transferring over all my data from my Windows PC.

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to transfer appointments from MS Outlook for Windows, over to iCal?

From what I can tell, I can't export my outlook data in any format that iCal is willing to import... is there some application I can use to bridge the two?

Any and all suggestions welcome at this stage before I start manually typing everything in again!!! :eek:


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Aug 16, 2005
New England
If the previous suggestion doesn't work, try this:

Use the iPod. If you can sync Outlook calendar to you iPod, you can read it back in super easy.

Since my calendar lives in Outlook XP (2002) I can't use the built in iTunes sync to get my appointments on my iPod. So I use iPodSync it works great, and thanks to some help from the developer I can actually fool it to dump my calendar and contacts to a thumbdrive in perfect iCal/Address Book format.

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