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Discussion in 'macOS' started by b3av3r, Feb 11, 2013.

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    I have been looking around and found a lot of good info on file back up options but none that specifically answer my question. Also, if this is in the wrong section I apologize.

    I currently have a PC as my desktop which holds all my "important" data. I recently bought a MBA to replace my ancient laptop and I am eyeing a new iMac soon.

    Obviously I want all my data, pics, music, and ebooks, to be moved from the PC to my new iMac. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? I currently have a 3TB toshiba external hard drive that I have yet to hook up but would like to use for backing up my data.

    Also, I want to easily back up my iMac and MBA from time to time and if possible move files from each computer without too much hassle. I don't need to move a lot of files between the computer mainly work documents and pics I upload to the MBA while traveling.
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    If you can place them on the same network, then sharing between them is as easy as drag and drop. The mirgration Assisntant app is great and Ive used it a number of times. For the adverage user, there arent any limitations for sharing data between Macs and PCs anymore(and I know since Ive been doing so since classic days).

    For backing up the imac and MacBook. use that external Hard drive and use the time machine app on both macs. Its dead easy to setup as long as both computers can see the drive. I believe that as long as the drive is visible to the other macc, then it can use for TM. Visable as in being shared by the one it is connected physically to.

    Do you have a router or airport express?

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