Transferring data to the iPhone 4?

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    I’m upgrading from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4. What data can they transfer at the Apple store when I upgrade? Only my contacts or things like text messages and notes as well? Or do I have to do that manually?

    Also, is it worth giving up my unlimited data plan? I usually don’t even hit 200MB of data usage.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Plug your iPhone into your computer at home. Right-click the little phone icon in iTunes and select 'Transfer Purchases."

    Then do it again and select "Backup."

    When you get your new phone home, set it up by selecting "Restore from Backup."

    That's pretty much it.

    (I don't think you have to do this, but I'd also suggest importing your camera roll to your computer, just to be extra safe with your photos.)
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    Apple doesn’t transfer anything for you. You should be syncing and backing up your 3G. If not, do so. You’ll need all this to get it onto your iPhone 4.

    IT IS NOT WORTH giving up your unlimited plan. Many in your position have said now that they have the iPhone 4 they use more. $15 is just not worth not having to worry about data, IMO.

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