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    Hey guys. Sorry if this is an elementary question, but I have to ask it anything because I think it was working and then it stopped.

    I'm trying to be able to access my Windows HD (loaded with Win7) from when I'm booted in Mac. I can move files from my Windows HD partition and drag them into any folder on my mac, but I can't do the reverse. I'd love to be able to drag a powerpoint from a folder on my mac but it won't let me drag it to a windows folder (some of which have little lock icons on them) and says access denied. I thought I made sure I have read/write access so I don't really know what is wrong.

    I'm aware I can't access my mac partition from when I'm booted into WIndows but I'd be really appreciative if someone would let me know how to drag files to and from the windows partition while I'm booted into mac.

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    OS X and read windows partitions if there fat32 and also write to them, windows can't see the OS X formatted partitions. You will need 3rd party apps for this like mac drive.
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    Or something like ntfs-3g or FUSE to from Mac to windows.

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