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Dec 4, 2015
I purchased an iMac after my Mac Pro quit on me. the hard drives are good in the Mac Pro, I bought a SATA hard drive converter to transfer files, unfortunately no instructions. USB 3.0 TO SATA&IDE converter. Just going to Migration Assistant didn't work. Anyone know how to use these things?


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Apr 1, 2014
Migration Assistant has a startup disk option, have you tried that?

It is likely that the converter needs an external power brick, as a SATA to USB converter can really only power the tiny laptop drives.


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Jan 9, 2013
Does the drive mount? My converter has two USB ports, one for data and power, and the other for extra power, if needed. Does yours only have one port?


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Feb 20, 2009
Your original post leaves a lot "in the dark" about what you're trying to do.

A number of questions that need to be answered:
- The drive(s) that you took out of the MacPro -- are they 3.5" or 2.5"?
- Were these drives just "regular, working drives"? In other words, they are not Time Machine backups, or another kind of backup?
- The "converter" that you bought -- is it a USB3/SATA "dongle/adapter" that looks similar to this?

If that's what you're trying to use with a 3.5" drive, it's not going to work, because the USB bus can't provide enough power to get a 3.5" drive "up-and-running" and mounted on the desktop.

For mounting 3.5" drives via USB3, you need a "USB/SATA docking station". There are many out there, here are some from amazon:,aps,143&ref=nb_sb_ss_sc_1_14

Here's one that could probably do the job right, at low cost:,aps,143&sr=8-8

At this stage of the game, the first obstacle to overcome is to be able to get your old drives "up, running and mounted" on the desktop of your NEW Mac.

When you "get that far", come back and let us know, and more help will be forthcoming.

Hmmm... one other thing.
On the new Mac.... have you gone to finder preferences, and then checked to show "external disks" on the desktop?
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